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*Exclusive LIFE TIME Guarantee for LPG Conversion!!!

Most Conversions Done in 1 Day!!!

FREE Courtesy Car.



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Coming to this website means that you are looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly vehicle.


Driving a vehicle with LPG conversion is:

  • safe,
  • environmentally friendly and, most importantly,
  • a lot cheaper than driving petrol or diesel car,

Converting a petrol vehicle to LP Gas allows motorists to immediately reduce their motoring carbon emissions.


Switching to LPG, specially during the recession times we are experiencing now, is the best thing you can do to save some cash.


As prices of petrol and diesel continue to rise day by day, pollution and greenhouse gases increase, LPG is the only REAL and the only GREEN solution for car industry today.


Of course, there are experiments to build electric or hydro cars but as for now the only inexpensive, affordable and real alternative to petrol or diesel is LPG conversion.


Autogas is widely available in UK and even more so abroad.


More cars with Autogas conversions added daily means that LPG industry is growing and that there will be more and more petrol stations offering Autogas as well.


Which is only better and more convenient for us.



Please, contact us if you have ANY questions regarding LPG Conversion of your vehicle as we are ALWAYS willing and happy to help.


*Exclusive Life Time Guarantee for LPG Conversions!!!


3 Years Guarantee on Parts.


Most Conversions Done in 1 Day!!!


FREE Courtesy Car.




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